With SIMATIC ET 200 a wide range of distributed I/O systems is available – for solutions in the control cabinet or without a control cabinet, directly at the machine, ready to be integrated into any automation solution via PROFIBUS or PROFINET bus systems.

Siemens SIMATIC DP I/O-modules and interfaces ET200
(DP) ET 200 U


The decentralized peripheral system for using the standard modules of the S5-100 series on Profibus DP / FMS.

Depending on the type of bus connection unit, it can be used with the SIMATIC S5 (interface module 6ES5 308-3UA1x)  and also with the SIMATIC S7 (Profibus DP).

(DP) ET 200 C


Distributed peripheral device with protection class IP65 with integrated L2-DP interface for Profibus.

The robust die-cast housing enables use directly in the machine, which minimizes the wiring effort. Particularly durable thanks to its robust construction.



(DP) ET 200 M

SIMATIC ET 200 M is a modular I/O system with IP20 degree of protection, particularly suitable for user-specific and complex automation tasks. It consists of a PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET interface module IM 153, up to 8 or 12 I/O modules of the S7-300 system (structure with bus connection or with active bus modules), and a power supply if applicable. The transmission rate is up to 12 Mbps.

- Can be expanded with S7-300 automation system signal, communication and function modules.
- Applicable Ex analog input or output modules with HART optimize the ET 200M for use in process engineering.
- Can be used in redundant systems (S7-400H, S7-400F/FH)
- Modules can be replaced during operation (hot swapping) with the bus modules active
- With Ex approval to Cat. 3 for Zone 2 acc. to ATEX 100a
- Fail-safe digital in/outputs as well as analog inputs for safety-oriented signal processing in accordance PROFIsafe.

(DP) ET 200 S

The SIMATIC ET 200 S is a decentralized I/O system with degree of protection IP20. It consists of:

- Interface modules with PROFIBUS (alternatively with integrated CPU) or PROFInet interface
- Input / output modules
- Technology modules
- Frequency inverters and motor starters for three-phase loads

The comprehensive module range and system-consistent handling during configuration, installation and programming allows the ET 200S to be used as a universal I / O system. The finaly scalable design enables fast and optimal adaptation to the requirements of the system.

(DP) ET 200 iS


A finely modular distributed I / O system with degree of protection IP 30, suitable for use in EX zone 1.

Ex-protection after CENELEC: EEx de ib [ia / ib] IIB / IIC T4, resp. FM: Class 1 Division 2 Group A-D T4 (Class 1 Zone 1)
- Design and execution according to ATEX 100a
- Connection of intrinsically safe signals (from zone 2, 1 or 0)
- Intrinsically safe construction of the electronic modules
- Replacement of all electronic modules (also power supply and bus interface module) under voltage during operation and under Ex conditions in zone 1 -> "Hot Swapping"

(DP) ET 200 B


The ET 200B is a small, compact, low-profile peripheral device with protection class IP 20. Numerous analogue and digital input / output modules are available.

The main application of the ET 200B is where few inputs / outputs are required or only a small installation depth is available.

The ET 200B is a passive slave device on the fieldbus PROFIBUS DP. The maximum transmission rate is 12 Mbit/s.

(DP) ET 200 L


The ET 200L is a small, compact peripheral device with degree of protection IP20.

The main application of the ET 200L is where few inputs / outputs are required in the lower power range and where space is limited.

The ET 200L is a passive slave device on PROFIBUS DP with transmission rates of up to 1.5 Mbit/s.

(DP) ET 200 SC


In the design technique, the ET 200L-SC corresponds to the ET 200L, i.e. it consists of a terminal block and an electronics block. In contrast to the ET 200L, it can be expanded with a SIMATIC SC (Smart Connect) using a terminal block TB 16SC. The connection to the PROFIBUS DP fieldbus is made via the interface integrated into the electronic block.

With the 8 electronic modules of the SIMATIC SC, which can be freely plugged into the TB 16SC, the ET200L-SC can be expanded with up to 16 digital and analog input / output channels.

Digital and analogue modules can be mixed with the TB 16SC. So it's possible to fine-tune the ET 200L-SC to the automation task.

(DP) ET 200 X

is a decentralized peripheral device with degree of protection IP65 / IP67. Due to the high degree of protection and its robustness, it is particularly suitable for use close to the machine.

The modular design combined with a high degree of protection, the completely pluggable connection technology and the inclusion of pneumatics and drive components allow fast and optimal adaptation to the technological functional units of a machine.

With a transfer rate of up to 12 Mbit / s on the PROFIBUS DP, the ET 200X is also ideally suited for use in extremely time-critical applications. 
(DP) ET 200 PRO

SIMATIC ET 200 pro

The new modular I / O system with high degree of protection IP65 / 66/67 for machine-level, cabinet-free use. ET 200pro is characterized by a small size and an innovative design concept. In this way, the ET 200pro can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of the respective automation task with regard to connection technology, required I / Os and fieldbus connection.

New features such as integrated safety technology according to PROFIsafe, PROFINET connection and module replacement under voltage allow use in a very wide range of applications.

(DP) ET 200 SP


The scalable SIMATIC ET 200SP I/O system is a highly flexible, modular I/O system with IP20 degree of protection. Via an interface module with PROFINET or PROFIBUS interface it can exchange IO data of the connected I/O modules with a higher-level control system.

Alternatively, as further head-end stations, various PLC, F-PLC and Open Controllers are available as compact S7-1500 Controllers (Distributed Controller)

(DP) ET 200 iSP


The ET 200iSP is a modular, intrinsically-safe I/O system with IP30 degree of protection which can be operated in gas and dust atmospheres at ambient temperatures from -20 to +70 °C. It is optimized for use with SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC S7, but can also be integrated in other systems such as SIMATIC S5 per GSD file.

In accordance with ATEX directive 2014/34/EU, the ET 200iSP remote I/O stations can be installed directly in Ex Zones 1, 2, 21 or 22 as well as in non-hazardous areas. The intrinsically-safe sensors, actuators and HART field devices can also be located in zone 0 or 20 if necessary.

(DP) ET 200 Eco

SIMATIC ET 200 eco

Die kompakte Blockperipherie ET 200eco ist ein dezentrales Peripheriegerät in Schutzart IP65/66/67 mit einfacher Handhabung und Installation.

Mit ET 200eco können digitale, analoge und IO-Link Signale am PROFIBUSverarbeitet werden.

Mit hoher Schutzart, Robustheit und geringen Abmessungen eignet sich ET 200eco besonders für den maschinennahen Einsatz.

(DP) ET200 MP

The SIMATIC ET 200MP is a modular, scalable and universally applicable I/O-system in IP20 and offers the same system advantages as the S7-1500. The SIMATIC ET 200MP enables the shortest bus cycle times and the fastest response times, even with large quantity structures.

The decentralized SIMATIC ET 200MP I / O system is particularly easy to assemble, wire and commission, and consists of the following components:

- Interface module for connecting the S7-1500 I/O-modules to PROFINET; up to 30 modules can be connected to one interface module.

- Interface module for connecting the S7-1500 I/O-modules to PROFIBUS; up to 12 modules can be connected to one interface module
- Analog and digital input and output modules for connecting the process signals, as well as function and communication modules of the S7-1500.

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