6ES5... (SIMATIC S5)

For over two decades, the SIMATIC S5 was successfully used in the process industry and in manufacturing automation as a complete controller family for a wide range of controller tasks. Many SIMATIC S5 control systems are still in reliable service today, and the spare parts supply still remains secured by SPS-SERVICE, also for those discontinued SIEMENS spare parts.

Siemens SIMATIC S5 plc controller

SIMATIC S5-010W, universal PLC (discontinued)

S5-010W Programming-Instructions (english).pdf


Compact CPU-unit with integrated digital and analog in- and outputs, and counter.

S5-90U + 95U System Manual (english).pdf


Standard PLC-system for universal use in various cases. Standart I/O-units are very low-priced!

S5-100U System Manual (english).pdf S5-100U Reference Guide (english).pdf


Compact-PLC for various maschines, can be upgraded with one extension-unit for more in-/output signals.
S5-101U System manual (english).pdf

S5-101U Programming-Instructions (english).pdf

S5-101R Programming-Instructions (english).pdf


PLC-System for advanced power-range, suitable with hundreds of modules for perfect adaption of your process. With adapter-casing, the modules of S5-130/150/155U also can be used in this PLC.

S5-115U System Manual CPU941 - CPU944(english).pdf

S5-115U System Manual CPU945 floating point (en).pdf

S5-115F System Manual (english).pdf

S5-115H System Manual (english).pdf


The biggest and most powerful PLC of the SIMATIC S5-series ever build! This system will still keep on running during the next century, as it is the most powerfull S5-PLC ever build.

S5-135U/155U System manual (english).pdf

S5 Memory modules

Here you can find all the SIMATIC memory-modules used with the Simatic S5-units.

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